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M310E Paver Recognized as a Top 30 Award Winner

The M310E was awarded as a Top 30 selection of 2017 by the Editors of Asphalt Contractor’s Magazine. Recognized for the interest from their readers and for it’s innovative technology, Bergkamp is proud to be awarded as a Top 30 for the 4th consecutive year.
TOP 30 Asphalt Contractor Award
Bergkamp is committed to listening to our customers and incorporating their feedback into the design of our equipment. Eliminating the side engine on the M310CS was in direct response to the needs of our customers, which is our first priority.

The M310E is our most technologically advanced truck-mounted paver that delivers a consistent product. By eliminating the side engine in our M310, Bergkamp Inc. has coupled superior performance and value in our existing design with reduced operating costs and environmental footprint. With the EMCAD System standard on this model, an operator has complete control over production, maintenance, and can pave at an optimized rate for the entire job. Time is saved by reducing the complexity of calibrating, reducing the amount of paperwork required to meet environmental regulations, and by maintaining an optimized rate of paving no matter the condition of the road surface. The
M310E will not slow you down! For more information on the M310CS or our full line of pavement preservation equipment, visit the Pavement Preservation page of our website.

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M310CS Truck Mounted Paver